Gold Pumpkins: End-of-Autumn Quick Tip

Turn your autumn pumpkins into Christmas gold.

Turn your Autumn Pumpkins Into Gold.png

If you’re like me, you love autumn and go all the way with your decorations- especially with pumpkins.
As soon as Thanksgiving is over, though, it’s time for Christmas!!
As excited as I am for Christmas, I didn’t want to let go of my pumpkins, especially because they weren’t yet rotten and are still beautiful. Besides, I paid for them and why not stretch my dollar?

To keep my pumpkins yet still get in the Christmas spirit, I got some gold spray paint (which I use on literally everything) and spray painted my pumpkins a festive gold. On one of them, I went ahead and tied a cute little burlap ribbon. I’m thinking about even painting “Merry Christmas” in red on one of them.

Isn’t this awesome??? A lady at the checkout told me about it. She said she’d seen it a magazine and it changed her life.

Hopefully this can be of use!

Merry Christmas!

~Hannah ❤

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