Christmas Crafts!

Highlighting some of our crafts for the best time of the year!


Christmas is here! Time to celebrate Baby Jesus and eat lots of cookies while we sit in the AC. I love it!!!

We wanted to spread Christmas cheer, so we made some goodies and thingies:

  • Signs

IMG_9663We make these porch signs all the time, and we of course made some festive ones.

Mom and Dad (Christy and Kevin) made these. Dad put the pallets together and Mom beautifully painted on the trees. The idea for it came from my elementary music teacher- she sent me a pin on Pinterest.

  • Reindeer

This is my favorite thing! Dad, Kevin, welded this horseshoe reindeer together, and Mom, Christy, painted it and attached the bow. It’s too cute! We got the horseshoes from one of my dad’s friends from Edna, who breaks horses (so he had plenty).

  • Wreaths

Wreaths are also something that we have all year, but I think Christmas is the time of year to hang a wreath or seven. Here are a couple of the ones I made. They both use barbed wire (really, really old strong wire from Edna), and one of them has an old, weathered antler that I got from my aunt’s husband’s (so, uncle’s) sister. Her husband, according to her, got them “from a deer,” probably local (that part is the answer I was going for).


  • Tea Towels

I make a few different kinds of decorative tea towels. They aren’t for hardcore use, but they look good hung on your oven handle, clipped above a little window, are nicely folded on the bar or dining room table. This Christmas one is really personal.

This Christmas-themed one comes with a couple of variations, but two things that stays the same on all of them are their patchwork-like design and the recipe. The patchwork-like designs are on all of my towels. They almost look like a scrapbook page. I like playing with colors, designs, and layers. The recipe on this towel is for “Rum Balls.” When it comes to Christmas, we go hard. Like I should have been born at the North Pole. Anyway, this is one of my favorite recipes. Sure, we make sugar cookies and gingerbread men, but we also have our own family recipes: peppermint bark (I guess that’s pretty common), cinnamon glass candy, Christmas candy, cranberry bars, trash, and rum balls.

When I see this towel, I think of baking with Mom, my sister, and Mimi in the kitchen, Michael Buble CD on, in our shorts of course, because what is winter? I feel all warm inside thinking about those memories, and I hope that others think of their own Christmas memories, much like I do.


  • Cozies

Mug cozies, I think, are super cute. I make a bunch of different ones, and I see a bunch of cute ones on Pinterest that I’d love to have. They’re a cute way of dressing up your mugs and cups without buying new ones. It has a snowflake on it, which isn’t very Texan, but hey, it’s Christmas. In my defense, too, it did snow in southeast Texas back in 2004 on Christmas Eve. It was a miracle. Pure magic. I was really young, but I still remember how mucky the snow was, yet how beautiful and white. I remember our puppy having to jump because she was too short to see over the snow on the ground. I remember my little sister had to wear oven mitts for gloves because she didn’t have any; it never really got cold enough. The color of the Christmas cozy might not make sense at first, but I think it’s perfect- sugar cookie dough.

  • Cinnamon Ornaments

These aren’t much, but they are a little something to throw in. They are homemade, homebaked cinnamon ornaments that my mom made. They smell sooooo good. 



Merry Christmas!


~Hannah ❤

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