6 Scrapbook Tips

Six easy tips and tricks to help you in a dire SOS moment or just to give you some fresh ideas!

So, I’m really big into scrapbooking. It’s probably my number one hobby. In fact, for almost a year, I did them professionally. People placed custom orders, whether it be for baby’s first year, daughter’s twenty-first birthday, first year anniversary, or whatever they wanted. They got the materials and pictures, or they just entrusted me with materials and sent pictures. Sometimes they just wanted templates, like a personalized handmade baby book. Then, I put it all together. Because it’s such a huge passion of mine, I decided to write about it a bit here, especially since we’re getting close to Christmas, and scrapbooks make a PERFECT special gift. Besides, it’s a super fun crafty hobby with endless possibilities!


6 Scrapbooking Tips.png


Tip #1) developing pictures

I have talked to a couple of people that wanted to do something but don’t have pictures developed. I use two apps to develop my pictures that are cheap and easy:

For $3.24 a month, you can develop anywhere from 40-100 photos straight from your smart phone. A few days after your close date (the end of your month), a little book is shipped to you with your 100 pictures. They aren’t the highest quality, but you’re looking at 3 cents per picture, and it’s sent straight to your door.

-Shutterfly APP
Prett much everyone knows what Shutterfly is; it’s a photo service that allows you to develop pictures or turn them into neat gifts like pillows, books, mugs, boxes, etc. However, the APP, not online website, gets you FREE 4×4 and 4×6 prints. All you do is pay for shipping. I just ordered around 150 pictures for just under $20 shipping. That’s about 13 cents per photo. Walmart is 15-19 cents, and Walgreens is 20-29 cents, as of when I wrote this.

Tip #2) Rule of Thirds

This is something I learned about in journalism school. The rule of thirds is simply dividing your shot- or in this case, your page- into thirds both ways. Your pictures or whatever else should go along those intersections. I personally like to fill in that empty space with borders or something else cute, unless you have pretty paper. Don’t cover your pretty paper! The rule of thirds really makes hints interesting and makes your eye want to move around and follow the page.

rule of thirds


Tip #3) Go beyond paper and SHAKE THINGS UP!

This is scrapbooking, so of course you use paper, but…
This is scrapbooking, so you’re going to use a TON of paper. Shake things up! Here, I used embroidery thread to sew in a tornado (backstory: on my birthday this there was a crazy storm up here in the Hill Country, from out west all through Austin. When my boyfriend was driving up here he, passed a funnel cloud in east Austin on Highway 71). As you can see above here, I used bullet casings, ribbon, and tape. I’ve also used string and lace on my pages. 

So don’t worry if you don’t buy out Hobby Lobby! Just use what you’ve got!

P.S. This was an original, not-Pinterest idea.



Tip #4) Run out of something? THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY! Just try to make it before you buy it!

This kind of goes with using what you’ve got, but in a different sense. In this instance, I mean if you need a snowflake, don’t buy a snowflake sticker or stencil or whatever. Get some paper and cut it. If you’re missing a letter, cut it out of paper. If you want something elevated, don’t go buy those thick stickers; instead, cut out some cardboard (surely you’ve got a box or an old Starbucks wrapper or something) and glue a printed image on that cardboard, like below.

Here, I wanted to have a popcorn cup spilling out the movie tickets for all the movies MD and I have gone to together. However, I didn’t have a popcorn cup to cut out and glue in like I saw on Pinterest. So, I made one! 
I took red cardstock, yellow cardstock, and fabric. I cut the red to make a background, cut letters out of the yellow, used black marker to cover my ugly cutting, and used white fabric to make stripes on the cup. Boom. Popcorn cup.


In this case, I didn’t have any Christmas-themed paper, so instead, I covered some ugly paper with wrapping paper I had in the cabinet.


Tip #5) coffee dying

I love old things. To make my stuff look old or worn, I coffee dye them. All you do is get your old coffee grounds from that morning and rub them on your paper. Easy!



Tip #6) floss your mistakes

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried this yet. I have heard though that it is the way to go when it comes to mistakes.
If you put a sticker in the wrong place or glue something down and then change your mind, get some plain old dental floss and use that to saw the sticker off. This is supposed to keep you from tearing your paper when you take that sticker or glue off. You’re welcome.


So let’s review….

6 Scrapbooking Tips (1).png


Thank you for reading this week! I hope this is enlightening.

Happy scrapping, crafting, and gift-making! Merry Christmas! 🙂

~Hannah ❤

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