Who Are We? (Part 2)

I don’t make everything by myself. This post is to introduce my makers and biggest helpers, my mom and dad. Thank y’all for everything!!! I love y’all. ❤




Dad. He’s the biggest help, I must say. He’s got the tools, knowledge, skill, resources, and enthusiasm to make things happen. He does all the welding, cutting, and bending that I need done. He knows where to get materials. He’s full of ideas, too. Most importantly, he is so supportive! I am so excited about this business and have so many goals, and instead of reality-checking me, he gets excited with me.

It’s amazing how close this whole experience has made us. If our venture completely sinks, that’s okay, because nothing can replace the fun times we’ve had.

He does work as an operator half the time, but when he’s home and not helping me out with this stuff, he’s usually working cows or making kick-ass knives out of every material- antlers, rasps… anything. They are beautiful.


Then there’s my beautiful mama. She crochets things- like the scrubbies we always sell. She is the skeptic, as well. When we set a price, she gives her perspective “as a customer” and reality-checks me when Dad and I get too excited. It’s annoying at first, but in the end, I’m grateful. She has likely kept me from making a couple mistakes. She also lets me use the art supplies from her classroom (she’s an art teacher) when I need a little something.

As I said, she’s a teacher, so besides Christmas or Summer, she’s spends her days at work or chasing after my sister, who is in high school. She plays almost every sport and is in several clubs. She’s a hoot. When mom does have time to herself, she crochets, watches her Texans play ball, or hangs with our dogs, Ginger and Maggie, and the cat, Jo.


Both of them had made this journey so fun. So, so fun! The help they’ve given me has meant so much and made so many things possible. I love them so much, and I’m beyond thankful for everything they have done for me my entire life.


~Hannah ❤


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