Wimberly: Texas Markets

This post, as well as a few others like this, profiles one of the many markets in Texas. I attend markets regularly as both vendor and customer, and there’s a reason for that: they are so fun!


CANVA Wimberly Market Days

Wimberly, Texas is a Hill Country gem. It’s market is one of the best, no doubt. With 500 vendors, you know you’ll find something. This market has been around since the sixties and continues to shine the first Saturday of the month from March to December.

I went in April, just before my birthday, and what a weekend that ended up being. The weather was so sketchy! That morning of the market wasn’t so bad- it was just cloudy and a little drizzly every now and then. The next day though was… something. Let me just tell you about the craziest day of weather I have experienced so far in my life. I woke up that Sunday morning so that I could attend the 8:15 Mass, instead of the 11. I knew there was a storm coming that morning and didn’t want to get caught. Also, my boyfriend was making the trip to see me for my birthday, which was later that week. Anyway, I’m driving to the church, and everything is calm, but off to the southwest I see the darkness. All morning on the news I saw severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches and warnings all in this system coming at me.

I made it to the church and went in with my purse stuffed with every bit of jewelry, money, and important documents (I was ready for my camper to get messed up with the wind). Sure enough, by the time communion was over, the storm hit. It was an angry storm. The wind was blowing so hard that the sheets of rain fell parallel to the ground. The air was green and hazy. The thunder was loud, and the lightning was bright. There was no way I was driving back home, so I went to the Starbucks a few blocks away and got my free birthday drink. I figured Starbucks was sturdier than home anyway. Just in the knick of time, my boyfriend got to my camper as the weather was letting up, but before he made it there, he drove passed a funnel cloud only 200 yards above the ground. That wasn’t even the same one that touched about ten miles from my home. That afternoon, sunny skies, making for a beautiful drive to Llano for some barbecue. Funny how Texas weather works.


So anyway, back to the market at Wimberly. It’s like a maze. There are so many paths and twists and turns with so many booths. What I love about the markets around here is that there are so many foods to try!!! Sampling is one of my favorite things to do on this planet. I samples olive oils and vinegars from the company in Dripping Springs. I ended up buying some pomegranate balsamic vinegar that goes great on asparagus and vanilla ice cream. I sampled tons of jellies and honey butters, too. Honey butter is absolutely delicious. Orange cranberry is my favorite flavor hands-down. I also sampled some apple butter, and ended up buying me a jar. It’s so good for you and can be put on toast, in oatmeal, or ice cream. I love ice cream. They have more than just food. There were antiques galore, goat’s milk soap (I got a bar), plants, furniture, cool signs, and the most beautiful bird houses. This man makes the most rugged, outdoors-y looking birdhouses, and none of them are the same. These birdhouses are so beautiful you’d want to keep them inside, like as a table centerpiece or something.


The best thing I got was what I went for- Mexican yard art. There’s a Mexican lady that’s there and in Fredericksburg all the time. She and her crew make all of the pieces themselves out of recycled metal- even cars. If you look closely on some of them you can still see the logos. She’s awesome. My family has bought from her before, but this time I wanted something for myself. After looking and looking, I settled on one of my most prized possessions- an armadillo in a cowboy hat. He’s the best.


If you do go to Wimberly’s Market Days, plan on doing much, much more than that. Downtown Wimberly has so many great shops and restaurants. Up Ranch Road 12 just a bit is Jacob’s Well- a gorgeous, hidden swimming hole. If you’re into it, there are tons of wineries and distilleries in the area. If you get hungry, I suggest making the drive up to Driftwood and eating at the Salt Lick. You won’t be able to drive home!


Hope to see you out there!


~Hannah ❤

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