Ganado: Texas Markets

This post, as well as a few others like this, profiles one of the many markets in Texas. I attend markets regularly as both vendor and customer, and there’s a reason for that: they are so fun!

CANVA Ganado, TX Market Days

Ganado is my most local market. It’s really small- it only takes up the corner of a block. But it’s so cute and friendly and honest and genuine. I love it.

We set up shop there a lot, but there are so many different other vendors. The local bee keeper is there with honey, several ladies are there with kolaches and breads and jellies, there’s a snowcone truck, face painter, a lady that paints yard signs, other crafts, jewelry, more baked goods, crocheted hats and scarves, a variety of food trucks, local fundraisers, and more.

The town itself has a bit to offer, too. One of our treasures is the Rear Window, named after my favorite Hitchcock film. It’s a beautiful, intimate listening room where yet-to-be-discovered artists across an array of genres come to get their music heard.


On top of that, you can get a meal catered by the Ganado Cafe- a great place to eat in town.


There’s also the iconic movie theater, which opened in 1941. It’s the first in the country to have an all-digital fiber-optic sound system and is the last of J.D. Long’s theater chain. Once upon a time it even hosted the Grand Ole Opry tour (

There are several good places to eat: the Ganado Cafe, Estella’s Mexican Restaurant, KW’s (burgers and Blue Bell), Tutti Frutti (sandwiches and Blue Bell), a barbecue joint, and a Dairy Queen. In addition to restaurants, there’s a quilt shop, flower shop, gift shop, and western wear shop, as well as an accommodating hotel and several different churches. There’s also Lake Texana- great for fishing, boating, and kayaking.



So come see us! We’ve left the light on for you…


~Hannah ❤



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