Wine Racks

How we make wine racks.

CANVA HorseshoeWineRack

Everyone I know drinks a little something every now and then. If you like to bust a nice red every now and then (or a lot), you ought to have a nice place to store your stock.

May I present… wine racks made with horseshoes.

{Before I share how my dad made it, I want to share a fun fact we learned when we made this. Some of y’all might already know, but there is a reason why corked wine is stored on its side.

Turns out, the cork acts a barrier to not only keep wine in but to keep oxygen out. If the wine gets exposed to too much oxygen, it loses a lot of its flavor. So, when the bottle is stored on its side, the wine keeps the cork from drying out and contracting, letting in air.


Anyway, let’s get into how we made this wine rack.

The only “big” materials used were horseshoes and wood.

First thing that we had to do was prep the horseshoes that we got from a friend. This guy breaks horses for folks all around the area, so he had plenty in stock. They’ve seen better days (and many hooves) and were rusty, so I plopped them into a bucket of vinegar. Once they sat for a while, dad got the excess rust off and painted them.

As for the wood, we cut a small piece of wood we had laying around and treated it. 

wine rack how to buring the wood

Lastly, he put it all together, two horseshoes on each side, though it could be more or less.

And voila! Let the drinking and decorating begin.

Just out of curiosity… if i do have any readers out there, what are y’all’s favorite wines? I have no good reason for asking- just curious!


Thank you for reading this week!


~Hannah ❤

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