Fredericksburg: Texas Markets

This post, as well as a few others like this, profiles one of the many markets in Texas. I attend markets regularly as both vendor and customer, and there’s a reason for that: they are so fun!

CANVA Fredericksburg Trade Days

Fredericksburg has a special place in my heart. I love this town so much. As a kid, we used to come up here every now and then. Oftentimes, when we took my sister to camp in Comfort, we’d go on up to the market or to walk around downtown. Once we made a whole trip of it: did all kinds of shopping, went to Enchanted Rock, and got some peaches. It was my first market experience, too, so I’m thinking that’s where I caught the bug.

The last time I went was with my best friend. She had never been to Fredericksburg before, and I felt it was high time I took her. So we made the lovely drive to the market and had a blast. They have so much at this place, with 350 vendors selling foods (I hit the jellies really hard), furniture, paintings and framed photos, soap (one lady almost always has a baby goat with her), candied nuts (buy some every time), antiques (there’s this one place that has old babydoll heads on wrought iron fence spikes- I hate it), cowhides, Mexican yard art, a mechanical bull, old records, signs, crafts, and more. There’s a biergarten if you’re thirsty, and barbecue and more if you’re hungry. I got a delicious watermelon lemonade from a sweet girl and her dad. I don’t know how they made it, but it was fantastic.

This last time I went, I came out with a few things. Jelly, of course. This time I got prickly pear. I also got a cactus from this super cool older fellow and a white metal box for my coffee.


With all of these market posts, I like to include other things to do around the area. Well, Fredericksburg is a gold mine of things to do. Besides the market, there’s plenty of shopping to do downtown. My favorite shop is Rustlin’ Robs- they have samples for days.

If you’re looking for some good food, you’ve got to eat a German Restaurant. After all, it’s Fredericksburg. The Auslander is fun, but for authentic German food, go to Der Lindenbaum. Also, there are wineries at every turn, and of course, the PEACHES! Picking (or at least buying from the roadside) some fresh fruit is a must. Not far from Fredericksburg is Luckenbach, where ain’t nobody feelin’ no pain.


It’s such a historic place to go, even if it’s just to stand around. Then, as I mentioned above, there’s Enchanted Rock- a big ass limestone rock, full of so much grandeur and beauty. Climb it.


Happy junking! And drinking, and dancing, and climbing…


~Hannah ❤

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