Bowl Cozies

How I sew “Bowl Cozies.”

Insulated Bowl Holders

Bowl cozies, or holders, are insulated bowls that you can heat your soup up in, so that when it’s done, you won’t burn your hands when you grab it.

This is, in my opinion, kind of a tricky-ish sewing project. I’ll explain how I do it, so you can give it a go- or, if you don’t like it, can just buy it from me 🙂


First, cut two squares of fabric and two squares of insulated batting. I did 9″ squares, but you could do 10, 12, 15, 20, etc.


Layer them into two stacks: fabric-batting, fabric-batting.

Take one stack. Sew an “X” corner to corner


Fold it in half. Mark 1″ down from the fold, then 2″ from that corner along the fold.

Sew across. Repeat on other side. Trim to leave about 1/8″ (no more than 1/4″).


This is how your project should look so far:


Fold in half the other way and repeat that marking-sewing-cutting process on both corners.


Do all of this on the other square.


Now that they’re both done, layer them so that they pretty sides are facing each other. Make sure you align your seams and such.


Sew a 1/4″ seam around the edges, leaving 2-4″ or so open on one side.



Pull it right-side-out through that hole you left.


Adjust, and top stitch that hole closed. Continue to top stitch the whole thing.


Now eat yourself some soup. 🙂



Thank you for reading! Happy sewing (and if not, happy buying!!)





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