Update: Pickers Patch 3/3/2018

Rainy Pickers Patch… here’s how we managed today anyway!

Today was our first day at Victoria’s Pickers Patch. Despite our amazing new things and super cute set-up, it was not a great day, unfortunately. Not just for us, but for everyone. 

For one, it rained all day. Just an ugly, steady, soaking drizzle. All of our stuff got wet, which is terrible for any of the linens and fabric-y stuff we have.  My signs got damp and a little warped… It was no bueno. Everyone was in the same boat, though. Three hours before it was supposed to close, several of us vendors were packing up.

Also, attendance was slow today; probably due to the rain, the county fair, and another market in town. We just didn’t have the results that we wanted. I marked down my prices (permanently!), rearranged displays, tried talking to people, and anything doable I could think of, but nothing was working, though it didn’t seem anyone was having much luck.

Damn this Texas weather!

We did manage to sell some things, and I was VERY proud of our new set-up and displays. Months of hard work went into today, and I’m happy with how everything turned out.

Hopefully y’all can join us in a couple of months in May at Ganado’s Farmers Market!

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