Our Not-(Usually)-For-Sale Crafts

Since we’re just starting out, I feel like I need to introduce us a little bit more. 🙂

I think hobbies and creative interests are great things, if not downright important things to have in your life. I am a crafty little individual by nature, as are the parents, so we do other projects outside of the crafts that we sell.

Maybe you’ll find a new interest?



My favorite not-for-sale craft is scrapbooking. I’ve mentioned that in another post, but it’s worth mentioning again. I have made one for every year of high school, one for my graduation trip, and I make one for every year I’ve dated my boyfriend (yes, that’s very cheesy). I am a very sentimental person; I have boxes, photo albums, and scrapbooks full of memories and mementos. Scrapbooks take more work love and are so pretty! Buying new scrapbooking paper is an absolute joy for me. I like playing with colors, patterns, and layouts, as well, but I enjoy doing that with anything. I’ve been told I have a great eye for design and color schemes.



You can totally still hit me up for a scrapbook. They’re perfect for baby’s first year, vacations, anniversaries, etc. 🙂


A lot of my crafting is determined by the time of year. My favorite crafts are ornaments, but I also love Halloween crafts. It seems like nearly half of my decorations are handmade, which, I think, is how it should be. Many, if not all of, my crafts are for decorative purposes beyond just holidays, like reupholstering cushions.

add to not for sale crafts

One of my first hobbies was knitting. I taught myself how to work with needles when I was in the eighth grade by watching Youtube videos and reading tutorials on Pinterest. I’m not great at it, but I like to make scarves and mitts. I’m about to start on a swimsuit cover-up. I also love to sew; I learned when I was about ten. I learned to sew through 4-H, but my grandmother is amazing with a sewing machine. I love making quilts. My goal is to have one quilt for every season and holiday! Right now though, I’m working on a quilt for my bed. 


Dad is great at working with his hands and building things. One of his best (in my opinion) hobbies is making knives in his forge. He uses scrap materials, like rasps, antlers, wood, scrap metal, etc., to craft these beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and perfectly functional knives. Sure, he sells some, but he does it mostly for fun, and he’s super talented.


Mom is I think where I get my craftiness.

Her big thing is crochet. She’s a great little hooker. Recently she made a mermaid costume for out neighbor’s granddaughter, and it turned out so cute! She does blankets, scarves, jackets, stuffed animals, or whatever is tickling her fancy.

She’s also an art teacher, which means she’s constantly coming up with new ideas and trying out all kinds of new techniques, media, and projects with her students, many of which she carries over into her home life. That could be painting, mixed media sculpture/art, or anything, really, that she can adorn her house with. Her niche, kitschy taste is so fun and cozy at the same time. You can totally tell, at the markets, which things are hers!


So, readers that I hope exist, what crafts do y’all do? What would you like to start doing?



~Hannah ❤

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