How to Sew a Double-Fold Edge

How to sew a double-fold edge, as I like to call it. It’s good to know!

How to Sew a

This is a good skill to keep in your back pocket. I use it all the time to make towels and such, but there a lots of other things that have a folded edge. So let us begin. 🙂


First, press whatever it is you’re working with so that it’s all flat and manageable.

Next, decide how big you want your edge to be (distance between the actual edge and the stitch), and fold the raw edge inward just short of that distance. Press this to make it stay.


Fold that one more time, so that it’s double, and press. I like to pin it from here to keep it in place.

Start sewing! Start somewhere in the middle of the side, not on a corner, and put the needle as close to that inner fold as you can- you don’t want to risk not catching some of that folded fabric.



And voila! Happy sewing!



~Hannah ❤

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