Exciting things are a-happenin’

Exciting things are happening over here!


So I’ll cut to the chase… we’re rebranding!

Making with Texas has essentially existed for a year. I began working on it during summer of 2017. In August, I obtained my permits and booked my first market. The website and blog followed in November.

Now that I’ve gotten my feet went and figured out a direction, I felt like I needed to make the changes to reflect that.

So what’s changing?

Well, almost everything. The biggest is the name. The name “Making with Texas” worked during this year that I got started. I never just loved the name, but I had to call it something, just for the sake of getting off the ground.

Name, colors, and products will all be making a change.

No details yet, but throughout the summer, the changes will be blatantly obvious!


And to reflect the impending changes, I’d like to announce one big change: we’re now on Etsy! I’ve started getting into the digital products business by selling SVG cut files for folks with a Cricut or Silhouette.

Go to: www.wildandcharolais.etsy.com or click on the link to explore our digital files!

Here’s the guinea pig:

Broken Arrow Collection Overview.jpg


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