Ganado Farmers Market 4/27

Today was such a good day!!! We made some sales, most of which were things that aren’t as popular, so that is super cool. We sold a tea towel, crochet garland, and burlap message board. I have at least three custom sign orders to fill, as well.


I think the biggest highlight of the day was how much exposure we had. I gave out several business cards, promoted the website and Facebook page, and made friends with fellow craftsmen.

Not to mention, today was just a fabulous day to be in Ganado. Today is the crawfish festival that’s put on every year. There’s the Mudbug Pageant, the parade, of course tons of crawfish, and a concert.

Overall, we’re in a great spot, and I can’t wait for summer!!


I was excited to really highlight some of my favorite things: this new wall hanging, the wine rack with the greenery, the pastry/cheese cloths, and this shabby chic message board:



Thanks to all who came out! Love you guys! Keep shopping local!

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