It’s Small Business Week!

It's Small Business Week.png

This week is all about celebrating and supporting local small businesses, as well as giving entrepreneurs a kick in the butt and a pat on the back. Whether you’re a shopper or a dreamer, we have a couple of ideas to help you get in the spirit of Small Business Week.

As for us, we’re going to be celebrating Small Business Week by talking about Small Business Week. I know I’d be nowhere without the support of others. Yes, they buy my stuff, but they help me build this thing. Just this weekend, three ladies just gave me stuff to help grow my business. Others go out of their way to buy something, driving miles to come pick up something. All the while, folks are texting me ideas, making loving comments on Facebook pictures, or liking my page.

Not just that, but I’ve been employed by two small businesses. Their existence has helped me, well, exist happily and prosperously.

Supporting your small businesses with your wallet and your heart sends out a huge communal ripple effect: they hit their bottom line, you get something unique, you make friends, you employ more friends, and you improve your community as a whole.

So what can you do?

For the shoppers:

Small Business Week is April 30-May 4


For the dreamers, who have a creative drive, a desire to take control, who march to the beat of their own drum:

Small Business Week is April 30-May 4 (1)


For stats and information on just how big a deal small businesses are, go to the Small Business Association site.


Thanks to all who are supporting small businesses and best of luck to those wanting to start one!



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