This is “Making With Texas,” so I am going to talk more about Texas. Think of this as a travel piece, if you will, because by the end, you’ll want to hit the beach.




I grew up on the Gulf Coast, but not literally on the coast, with beaches in my backyard, which is essentially what this post is about. Take a minute, though, and pray for these places. In 2017, they were hit very, very hard by Hurricane Harvey. I was lucky enough to have been further inland, but these beautiful places were not so lucky. But hey, they’re in Texas, so of course they will bounce back!

Texas Beaches

Port Aransas

Port Aransas is my favorite beach. Not because it’s breathtakingly picturesque or the ultimate paradise, but it’s where we’d go when I was a kid when we went to the beach for real.

Port A is just north of Corpus Christi- right across the water, actually. It’s accessible by ferry-which I think is always fun- and is such a lovely beach. The sand isn’t full of shells or seaweed (though they are present). It’s clean and, well, sandy. Not like clay. The water is fresh and salty, not too murky or dirty. They even have an ice cream truck (or they did the last time I was there). An ice cream truck!



Corpus Christi

Let’s keep it in the area and talk about Corpus Christi. Not just the beaches, but the city as well. The beach is nice, but the last time I was there I was swimming with a bull shark. I suppose that can happen anywhere, though! I like Corpus for more than its beach, frankly. I love the U.S.S. Lexington. It’s a carrier docked in the bay that you can go tour. If you’re into history like me, especially World War II (I am obsessed with learning about WWII), then the Lexington is where you need to visit. The Texas State Aquarium is in Corpus, too, which is fun every single time. Everything from sharks to itty bitty seahorses are there to see. You can even pet the stingrays! Not to be forgotten among all of this is Harbor Bridge- it’s gorgeous at night, with its lights reflecting in the water. For food, head to Snoopy’s Pier. It survived Harvey!




Memories. My dad used to work in Rockport, so in the summer, we would sometimes drive down to see him and hang out on the beach. It’s my second-favorite beach, I’d say. Like Port A, in my opinion, it’s clean and pretty. Also, head down to Copano Bay for some fishing! Note, by the way, that Rockport, as well as these others, were hit hard by Harvey. We are Texas Strong for sure, but the love and prayers are always welcome.



I haven’t been to Galveston, but I hear great things! I want to go. Not just to the beach either. There’s Kemah Boardwalk, for one. Galveston also is known for having some haunted locales, mostly because of the hurricane of 1900 that killed 8,000 people. So if you’re into fun in the sun, carnival rides, and ghosts, Galveston is the place to be.



Those above are some of the bigger beaches. Those are the ones that a tourism pamphlet would point you to, but I’m going to take a minute to look at the beaches I frequent more often, even if they aren’t the prettiest.


Magnolia & Indianola

Magnolia Beach is not too far from Port Lavaca, if you know where that is. It isn’t great, but it’s free, not very crowded, and still fun. The sand has a lot of shells, but it’s not too bad. I’d go there before Rockport or something, if I just want to get out for the day.

About a minute down the road is Indianola, which has such a fascinating history. It was founded not long after Texas became a state, but in 1886, a major hurricane completely wiped out the city, killing nearly 100 people and levelling buildings. All that’s there now are a few bay houses and the towering monument of La Salle, who landed at Matagorda Bay in the 1600s.

Indianola has been good to me as far as crabbing and fishing are concerned! Might not be the best place to sunbathe, but certainly a nice spot for outdoorsy folks and history buffs.


This is one crab (out of about a dozen) I caught one year during spring break.


Matagorda Beach

On the complete other side of this bay is Matagorda beach. It’s not a bad beach either, though sometimes it can be a little dirty, since the young folks like to party there sometimes. It isn’t free, but it isn’t much and worth it if you want to just get to the water!



These last few places are like home to me. Places like Magnolia, Indianola, Matagorda, Port Alto, Olivia… it’s home. So you decide: go local or go tourist, or hell, do both!


Hope to see y’all there!


~Hannah ❤




***Images/logos are not mine. I don’t own them or have any part in them whatsoever, nor did I in anyway edit or change them. I just wanted some visuals for readers , visuals that I myself could not just “get.” I found them from the following sites via Google Image search:












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