Quick-and-Easy Heat Transfer Vinyl

One of the shortest, easiest tutorials on how to cut and apply heat transfer vinyl.

Quick & Easy

I have a Cricut, and it is truly my most prized possession. I’ve made so many shirts, stickers, decorations, and school projects with that thing. Before I got it, I was reading so many tutorials on how to do the heat vinyl transfer, and it seemed scary because everyone just went on about it. So today, we’re keeping it simple and hitting the basics.

The design in this tutorial is what I used to make shirts for my best friend’s bachelorette  party. The quote was her idea, and the font is “Affectionately Yours” that I got from DaFont.com.

Make your design and find your vinyl.

Screenshot (4)

Stick your vinyl on your cutting surface front side down.


Before you cut, make sure you mirror the image! This ensures that you don’t tear the protective plastic.

Screenshot (5)



Peel off slowly.


Fix onto fabric.


Iron it on thoroughly for about 30 seconds.



Easy! Quick and easy. So now, go forth and make all the shirts.



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