Pot Holders

A brief look at how I make pot holders, and you can, too… if you dare try.

How to Sew

I add that “if you dare try” only because this was one of the hardest things I’ve made in my life. It wasn’t necessarily hard, but I, at least, had a tough time with them in the beginning.

I understand why people just buy them!

Despite my struggles, I still enjoy making them and selling them because one, mine are super affordable and two, I like to use fabrics and designs that other stores just don’t use.


I like to think of it as making an itty bitty quilt.

I start with two squares of fabric (the size is up to you), though I sometimes try to make one a little bit bigger than the other, so that I can guarantee that I’ll catch both sides of the fabric when I sew.


I cut a square of special batting (the insulating kind) about the size of the biggest piece of fabric, maybe a little smaller, so that I can see all three layers.


Then, I layer them, pinning everything in place. First is big fabric square, pretty side down. Then the batting. Lastly, the smaller square of fabric, pretty side up.


I stitch around the edges first.


You can stop here or “quilt” a design, even if it’s just straight lines.

Trim it all up.

Lastly, bind it like a quilt. I’m no binding expert, so if that’s something you don’t know how to do, I suggest YouTube or Pinterest!



Why I thought this was so hard, I don’t know. Writing it out now, it seems so easy!! I felt like that too the first time I read a tutorial.



I guess that’s why people just buy them instead of make them!

Happy sewing!


~Hannah ❤

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