The Evolution

A look at how I took this from Making with Texas to Wildflowers & Charolais.

Finally... all the changes are done!.png

Behind the Name

I struggled from the very get-go to come up with a name that accurately represented my business and the things I made. For the last six months or so, I’ve called the blog “Making with Texas” because it made sense in regards to what I do- I make things out of forgotten materials I find around my home state of Texas. Things are made with Texas, you know? When I’d go to markets though, we were just “Handcrafted Home Decor and Accessories,” which was still accurate, but had no charm to it. I didn’t ever sell under “Making with Texas” because I never loved the name. Now I do.

It’s kind of an odd one, I’ll admit. Wildflowers and charolais don’t really have anything to do with one another and seemingly don’t have much to do with what I do, but I think it’s charming and the images brought to mind reflect the theme and style I like to bring out in my designs.

Wildflowers are wild, uncultivated, and beautiful. They grow where they want. They’re all a little different, yet all mean something to someone.

Charolais, which is a cattle breed, are strong, beautiful, and are mostly gentle, unless you mess with them- then you get the horns.

Plus, I mean, “charolais” is a lovely word to say. It just flows off the tongue. I’ve always loved the sound of it.

These characteristics- wildness, doing your own thing, gentle but strong, and of course, owning your own beauty, are things I love and try to embody both in myself and in the things I make. I use raw materials that have all been through hell. Time, weather, and ware have taken their toll, yet they still have a rugged beauty to them that I want to bring out. These things I make are tough, yet functional and (hopefully) beautiful.

Those two icons of Texas- Wildflowers & Charolais- exude that essence.


Put my Photoshop skills to work!

The skull in the logo is the one I have in my garden. I took a picture of it and then used the outline/sketched version of it as my logo. It’s 100% an original image, so watch it.  

LOGO part 1 skull

part 3 adding flowers



Of course the website underwent some changes.




And of course, other changes ensued…

New business cards.

Yes, I do make my own business cards, at least for now. I like to use the things I already have, you know?

Updated social media profile pictures.

Screenshot (14).png

New social media handles and names.

Screenshot (18).png

And more that I’m probably forgetting.


It’s been a process, albeit a fun and rewarding one. Thanks to everyone who’s followed along and continues to support me and my fam.

A special thanks to some folks back home who have done wonders for me. I won’t name names for the sake of privacy, but there are several friends and family members that have taken me to new levels: giving me supplies and materials they don’t need or want, giving me creative ideas, buying from me, and sending their own friends in my direction.

And especially I want to thank my Mom and Dad who make things, teach me new skills, and give me so much love. This wouldn’t be possible without them. ❤


Wildflowers & Charolais

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