Social Media Update

Pardon me for filling your inboxes so much this week. Usually I only post on Sundays, but this week there’s been so much happening, that this is now the third time I’ve written! Technically, it’s the fourth time, but that post (this exact one) got screwed up during publishing, so if you got an email, ignore it!

I promise this post is short!

Anyway, as I said on Monday, we are now Wildflowers & Charolais! With that comes a lot of changes, including a social media overhaul. I just wanted to keep everyone updated!

Follow us on the gram.png

We are on Instagram! Follow us for updates, announcements, Texas travel pictures, new decor and crafts, and looks at the messiness behind creating those things!

Follow us on the gram (1)

Okay, so a music streaming service isn’t exactly social media, so there isn’t really any important information there. However, like I said above, a great way to get to know someone is by the music they listen to, so give us a listen, maybe a follow, and get to know us better! Who knows, we might even share a favorite song. If not, keep an ear out at our booth at markets and shows.

Here are the links to our playlists, which are always in progress!

~W&C’s Texas Country Sampler

~W&C’s Favorites

~{The Break-up Playlist}


As always, you can find all social media and necessary info on our Contact page.

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