Looking Back, Looking Forward

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Johnson City Market Days Recap

This past weekend was our first time to attend the Johnson City Market as vendors, and overall, it was a success! We sold so many “big” things, like the crosses and antler jewelry holders, as well as sold out completely of two tea towels! We also got a couple new blog subscribers (welcome!!).

The folks that put on the market in JC were super kind and super helpful, and I definitely would like to give it another go, perhaps when it isn’t 99 degrees, though?


New Things!

So as usual, we like to roll out the “same” things that everyone loves: porch signs, wreaths, etc., but with different color schemes and such. For JC, I made three new wreaths: two for fall, and one year-round made with barbed wire, lace, and book paper roses:


I also made two more porch signs, one of which (WELCOME) used wood from the stadium:


Mom FINALLY got her BEAUTIFUL paintings out there. She used her students’ canvases that they didn’t want, and repurposed them to suit her own creativity:


Also, we’re going to slowly but most surely introduce more do-it-yourself or do-with-it-what-you-will junk: bottle caps, barbed wire, plain antlers, and junk bags.

Junk bags, as I call them, are bags filled with scrap pieces of metal, nuts and bolts, pieces of bone, springs, keys, bottle caps, bullet casings, and other crap for people to get and create things for themselves using what otherwise would have been buried in the dirt. More on that soon!


Next Show:


Best of the Blog

For those of you just joining in…

I’ve been writing every week since November, and so far, nearly 2000 people have joined in. These last few weeks I’ve had several people show an interest, so here are my favorite ones to get you started:

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