So much as been happening this summer! Here’s a brief post to catch everyone up!

New Things!

So one day, I had this idea that I got super excited about. You always see beautiful sketches and paintings of deer or cow skulls with flowers and pretty colors. I thought, “why not make it 3D?” So I did, and here’s the result:

I’m in love. It started out with just one, which I made for my own bedroom, and then I kinda went down the rabbit hole and made many. They’ll be up for grabs at the market Saturday! Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more new things.

Saturday’s Market

Wildflowers & Charolais will be at Ganado’s Old Country Fair on Saturday July 28 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. It’s being held at 8938 HWY 59 N in Ganado, right next to Dairy Queen at Two Chicks Quilting and Top Hand Feed.

There will be a bunch of vendors, weenie dog races, a quilting contest, and a salsa contest, as well as sales going on in Top Hand Feed and Two Chicks Quilting. There is also a Christmas in July theme going on, so get festive!



I’ve been on Etsy for a while now selling digital products, but just last week expanded to include the little things, like cozies and scrubbies. Here’s a sampling of everything, but head to the shop to see the entire line up.

New Venture: Furniture Flipping!

I’ve decided to finally tackle something on my creative bucket list: flipping furniture. I’m in the process of flipping my first project (a small chest of drawers) and will post pictures when it’s all said and done. It’ll be for sale at the booth this Saturday if no one claims it beforehand!


Thank you everyone for following along and checking in today. See y’all Saturday! -Hannah at Wildflowers & Charolais


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