A Trip Around the Sun

One year down!!! Happy business birthday to us!

I can hardly believe it myself… I’ve been in business for a YEAR. On August 13, 2017, I got my sales tax permit from the state and officially started selling my crafts- towels and mug cozies, initially.


I’ve always been a crafty gal, making my own stuff and decorating things my own way. It’s fun and rewarding but also expensive and leads to hoarding. That latter dependent clause is what led me to starting a business. All last summer, I designed different towels and sewed them at UT’s Fine Arts Library (HOOK ‘EM!) and made it through every available season of Game of Thrones as I knit and decorated over 20 mug cozies.

Eventually, it all snowballed into a blog, Facebook page, Instagram, a real name, and markets almost every month selling bigger and better things. What hasn’t changed is that everything is still 100% made by my, my mamma’s, or my daddy’s hands and is made out of junk.

The Best of Everything

I want to take a sec and just look back at everything that everyone’s loved so far. I’m sure no one really cares, but care a lot to look back. While I believe it’s important to live in the present and look toward the future, I also believe it’s humbling to take a look back and reflect and be thankful for how far you’ve come…

Blog Posts

I haven’t pushed the blog as much as I probably should have. Part of it is because on some level, I don’t think the content is good enough. I mean, think it’s good, fun, informative, and enlightening, but I fret that others won’t. The other part of it is that I’ve been waiting for my archives to grow so that visitors can have a well-rounded representation of everything that’s on here.

Aaaanyway, I wanted to see which posts have done the best so far and share the links, so new readers (hopefully I’ve got some!) can jump on board. The top five most read posts are:

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Tools & Tips For Staying Organized and Productive (If That’s What You’re Into)

6 Scrapbook Tips


New blog posts go out about once a week so that there’s a little something new every time you come by. You can also get them straight in your mailbox by looking at the side bar and entering your email address where prompted. Here are the five most recent posts:

Tools & Tips For Staying Organized and Productive (If That’s What You’re Into)

Working with Wood: A Brief Guide to Finishes

Saturday Market Recap

Steak Hooks



Things We’ve Made

As much as I love writing, I’m here to let my creative flag fly and make a bunch of things to sell (because I’d have no more room or money if I didn’t), as well as get junk out of the dirt and into our homes. After all, things are a lot more special when they have a story or a special meaning, just like the picture holders I made out of the bleachers from my high school stadium when it got torn down. I sold nearly 100 of those things:

Other hot cakes:

Some things sit at the booth for a while, which is fine, but every now and then we hit the nail on the head and run out of things so fast. Here’s what’s gotten lots of love lately:

Mom is an amazing artist. She uses her students’ unwanted and abandoned canvases to work her own magic. 

I first made one of these for myself (not pictured). You know, you see all these paintings and sketches of flowers and whatnot on deer skulls and cow skulls, but have you ever really seen the real life thing? Maybe you have, but I haven’t. I thought it would be the cutest damn thing, and I was right- people I didn’t even know were asking when I’d make more. They were so loved, and I’m so grateful and excited!

These porch signs are made with whatever wood or tin I can find. Lately I’ve been using the wood from the stadium bleachers. Everyone loves the big, bold greetings for their homes, and here recently, I’ve completed about 7 orders and have another 7 to do, plus the usual market load. It’s amazing. 


What’s Ahead

Now that I’m down one year, I really feel sturdy, like I can keep this going for a long time, especially with everything we’ve got planned.

I’ve got plans to make the booth cute as hell, new things to sell (LOL I rhymed), new cities to sell in, more people to meet, and all kinds of contests and fun events to come.

I’m so, so excited and just so blessed to have been able to make it this far.

I never did this alone.

Yes, this was all my idea and just about everything we make, where we go, the contests, all the brand stuff, social media, yada yada, is by my design. BUT. I couldn’t have done any of it by myself.

My mom has been a tremendous help. She is so talented, so creative, so much fun, and is always ready to help as much as she can, even when she’s playing (the very necessary position of) devil’s advocate. Thank you, Mom!

My dad has been by my side since day one. He probably gets more pumped than I do. He’s always coming up with ideas (in fact, selling the stadium wood in some form or fashion was his idea), asking me about my successes, brainstorming new ways of getting to people, and cheering me on. He’s always so gung-ho about everything, and that is awesome.

The folks at the Ganado Farmers Market have done wonders for me, even if they don’t realize it. Those ladies (Robin, Jonel, all of y’all) have supported me, been my biggest cheerleaders, and have given me so much love, not just as a vendor, but as a person. It helps that I’ve known one of those ladies almost my whole life, but still, I wouldn’t have made it this far without them.

Everyone that has bought something, liked a Facebook post, given Wildflowers & Charolais a compliment, given us materials, or acknowledged us in anyway, you’re just the absolute best. You know.. I feel like our stuff is cute and pretty. I think Mom’s paintings are beyond gorgeous, and Dad’s craftsmanship with metal and wood is strong and durable. Of course I think that, but when someone else thinks that, too, it rocks my world. It makes us all feel good, and I’m not talking about the money here at all. I think it’s so humbling and gratifying that someone else thinks I and my people are talented. I am excited that someone has taken what was originally a piece of crap and put it in their home. It’s huge.



So thanks to everyone who’s had anything and everything to do with Wildflowers & Charolais! Here’s to another year!!!


~Hannah ❤








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