Today’s post is to talk about the craft of macrame and how we use it in our own crafts and such.


Macrame is my latest obsession. I didn’t even know it was a thing until relatively recently. How I missed out on this for so long, I don’t know, but I’m glad I discovered it.


For those of you who might live under a rock like me, macrame is basically tying a bunch of knots together with hanging cords, and it is beautiful! I feel like such a hippie when I do it.


Here’s a a brief rundown on how to do very basic macrame:

  1. Start by getting something to macrame on like a curtain rod.
  2. Cut pieces of cord (like jute) to twice the desired length because now we will…
  3. Affix the cord to your rod by folding your piece of cord in half, putting the loop over the rod and slipping the loose ends through the top loop you made.the cord should now be wrapped on to the rod.


4. Repeat this step for as many pieces of cord as you’d like.


Now that your rod has been strung, let’s start tying some knots.

I’m going to teach y’all the first knot I learned because I think it’s rather simple, but by all means, branch out, read tons of tutorials, and learn all kinds of knots, designs, and tricks!


  1. Start with the left two pieces of cord(so four strings)
  2. Take the far-left cord (the first) and bring it over the two middle cords and under the far-right cord (the fourth)


  1. Take that far-right cord and (not displacing the first cord), and move it under the two middle cords and over the far-left, making a knot.DSCN3153DSCN3154DSCN3155
    1. This is a half knot. You can stop here or learn to do a simple “whole” knot.
  2. Working with these same four pieces, we’ll do the opposite. Take the far-right cord (the one that was originally on the left) and move it over the top of the two middle cords and under the far-left (originally far-right). Now, take the far-left (originally the far-right) and move it under the two middle cords and over the far-right cord, tying the knot.


3. Now just keep going! You can stick to these same sections or share sections as you go down in rows, so for the first row you can work with four cords then for the second row you can skip the first two cords and work with the next four, so that it’s more alternate.


Now that you know how to make a basic knot, you can branch out and learn how to do others. You can make wall hangings, jewelry, and even hammocks. I made wreaths and wall hangings out of barbed wire like these:


Thanks for reading this week. I hope you enjoy and may you have a macrame-zing week!


~Hannah ❤

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