Dream Catchers: Quick & Easy Tutorial

Dream Catchers are beautiful, and so easy to make. It almost feels wrong keeping it a secret (which it really isn’t a secret). It’s easy to do, and if you don’t think you want to make it, you can always buy from a willing vendor!

Travel Diaries.png


So, let’s get started. We’re going to keep this simple, and feature my own (amateur) sketches!


First, get your circle.  I used barbed wire for the one in the picture. You’ll also need to get a loooooong string or sinew to make your design in the circle. Keep some set aside for fringe and the hanging loop.


Start by securing one end of the string to a part of the circle.

Weave the circle over and under the edges of the circle as many times as you want, keeping the string taut.

Step 1

Continue this process by weaving over and under the taut string you created, getting smaller and smaller as you go.

Step 2

Tie off at the center when you’re done.

Step 3


And that’s it! You can, of course, add beads and other embellishments as you go. You can secure long pieces of string or sinew at the bottom and add beads or feathers to those. Lastly, don’t forget to secure some way to hang the dream catcher at the top.

Step 4



Remember, too, you can always place orders for items here on our site, if you’d like a unique dream catcher yourself. (yes, I just wrote in my own plug),

Thank you for reading this week!


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