Meanings Behind Our Christmas Decorations

Meanings Behind Our Christmas Decorations


Christmas is easily my favorite time of year. Eeeeaaasily. Beautiful music, kind people, goodies, sweet movies, family, nice weather, giving, and love for each other and for Christ. It’s just a gorgeous, happy time.

I wanted to take a sec to share some interesting things about Christmas that I learned at Mass this Advent about the meaning behind Christmas things (and since I sell décor, it seems appropriate to know). I also want to give a quick update about what to expect from Wildflowers & Charolais in the coming weeks and into 2019.


The infinite circle of a wreath is to symbolize that our Lord is the beginning and end. After all, you can’t tell where a wreath really ends or begins. Our Lord is the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end. Wreaths are to remind us of that.



Lights symbolize two things. One, most significantly and powerfully, is that Jesus is the light of the world. He is the Light that lit up the dark. Another meaning that I have heard and honestly love is that our lights (particularly candles in the windows) are meant to send word to Mary and Joseph that our homes are open. We are lighting their way to safety and comfort, to a place where Mary can give birth to Jesus.



Star on the Tree

The star on the tops of our trees is to represent the star that the Three Kings followed to find their way to Bethlehem, where Jesus lay in a manger. It reminds us to follow Jesus.


Gift Giving

Twelve days after Jesus was born, the Three Kings of the East made it to Bethlehem by following the star. They gave Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. We give gifts to one another to imitate the generosity of those kings.


Candy Canes

This is one of my favorite stories regarding Christmas. Candy canes resemble both a shepherd’s staff, to recognize that Jesus is our savior, and the letter “J” to recognize Jesus himself. The red stripes in the candy canes are supposed to symbolize the blood Jesus shed for us to save us from our sins.


Santa Claus, a.k.a. Saint Nicholas

This one I had to research. It has always puzzled me, this idea of St. Nicholas being Santa Claus. I mean, how did we get from a saint to a fat white guy?

According to St. Nicholas, born about 300 years after Jesus himself, lived in Turkey and adamantly defended Christianity. There are apparently a couple of stories about how he became jolly old Saint Nick. The first is that he saved three women from prostitution by throwing bags of gold through the window, landing them in their socks drying by the fire. The second is that he revived some children that had been robbed, murdered, and pickled. Other legends say he would leave gifts for the poor and for children in wooden shoes.

Known by the Dutch as “Sinter Klaas,” his name and his reputation eventually morphed into the character we know today. (source:
I’m sure there are several other stories that could be told, as Christmas has so many symbols: trees, reindeer, stockings (which I guess we covered), cookies out at night, Frosty the Snowman, nutcrackers, etc. These are my personal favorite stories and in my opinion seem the most closely related to the real meaning behind Christmas: celebrating the birth and life of Jesus Christ, the foundations of Christianity.

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

That was my last blog post of 2018. Being the holidays, I want to take this time to get away, enjoy time with my family, and focus on the things that truly matter.

Come 2019, however, there will be blog posts to come twice a month on Sunday evenings. I’ve already got so many ideas about DIY stuff, Texas life, and some other relevant stuff that I hope you’ll love. As far as the real reason I’m here- to create and bring my imagination to life in your homes- I’ll hit the road in February most likely. I want to make it to Hallettsville again, Ganado, Victoria, and maybe a few new spots here and there.

I want to also say thank you so, so much to my mom and dad, who are my biggest helpers and supporters in this endeavor. I want to thank two special ladies, Jonel and Robin, who have been tremendous supporters and cheerleaders, not just of me, but of creativity and small businesses all throughout my hometown.

It’s a good world out there, y’all. Thanks for letting me be a part of yours and see y’all in 2019!!! Merry Christmas!!

Have a very merry Christmas



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