First Flip of 2019


Before & After.png

I love flipping furniture. I love flipping anything. Seeing something undergo such beautiful transformations is inspiring. It’s why I’ve seen every episode of Fixer Upper twice.

Here I have this very ugly desk that my mom got for free from a co-worker. It’s very very blue with peeling wallpaper on the back.


No thanks.

So here’s how I took it from making me blue (haha) to classy.

First, I stripped it. I took off that ugly wallpaper, removed the hardware, and took a chemical stripper to it. Warning- if you use this stuff, wear gloves. If you get it on your bare skin, it BURNS LIKE A MF. Seriously.


Anyway, so I sprayed and scraped, sprayed and scraped, and sprayed and scraped until there was next to no blue left on this thing. To get the last few bits of blue off and smooth the surface, I used sandpaper to sand it off (by hand, mind you).  Next, to refine it, I used steel wool. Lastly (at least as far as stripping goes) I used a sticky cloth to pick up leftover dust.


Now that the wood is free of its blue coat, it’s time to put something new on. I decided to use the leftover paint from my Mimi’s house (don’t know if that’s a thing, but yes, I used house paint on this desk). It’s a gorgeous, classy gray.


I taped off the top (because I’ve got something special up my sleeve for it) and took my brush to the wood. After two coats, the gray stage was complete.


Next came hardware. I bought some elegant brassy-gold antique knobs that pair well with the gray.

Here I hit a roadblock. The bolt was too long for the thickness of this wood, so my dad (who is without a doubt my hero) gave me some silver washers to keep the knob itself from going into the opening so deeply. To make sure everything matched, I painted the washers. Not long after, they were dry, and the hardware went on.



The final stage is the top.

Here I hit yet another roadblock. Soooo, I tried to do a faux marble top. I think it’s so pretty, but alas, I failed. Didn’t quite go according to plan, so instead, I went with a solid light green top with wax finish.


I always love doing something that pops on my furniture: a color, a pattern, bold hardware… something to make the piece stand out from the rest. When people buy the furniture, I want to be sure that they’re the only ones that own a piece like it.

That said, bring on the next flip!


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