Contact Paper Stencil

How to use your Cricut or Silhouette (or free-handed scissors!) and contact paper to create any stencil for any project.

contact paper stencil

We live in a world of personalization, customization, and DIY, so here’s a way to tap into all of that. You just need your cutting machine, contact paper, paint, a sponge brush, and something you want to put your design on.

First thing’s first, create your design in your cutting software. I use Cricut Design Space.

screenshot (5)


Next, lay your contact paper out on your mat with the right side up and cut it.



Once it’s cut, peel it off the mat very carefully, leaving the cut out pieces on the mat or discard them as they come off. You should be left with only the outline of your cut.

Now that you have the outline, stick it on the clean surface you’re painting, smoothing out all bubbles and wrinkles.



Using the sponge brush, start dabbing your paint on your stencil. I found that using this type of brush with a dabbing technique minimizes errors. The brush lets out less paint than a regular brush, and the dabbing keeps you from peeling the contact paper up, like you could with up and down strokes.

After the stencil is completely covered with “dabs,” go ahead and gently smooth any clumps or bubbles. Just make the paint smooth, and once that’s done, let it dry.



After it’s dry, slowly peel off the contact paper.



And voila!

flower child


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