Six Alternatives to Trashing Glass Jars

Six ideas for those glass jars that are wayyy better than chunking it.

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We all have something in our pantries that’s in a glass jar: jelly, spaghetti sauce, olives, pickles… something. Once you’re done with that jar, what do you? Throw it away? Probably. Here are six alternatives to the trash can.

  1. Paint it and make it a pretty case or placement for tea lights

I did this recently with some of my jelly jars.

First, I took the wrappers off the jars.

*pic of clear glass*img_2525

Then I painted them with Chalk Paint.


Once I did a couple coats and they were completely dry, I took some sandpaper to them to make them look a little rustic.


And now I’ve got cute vases!


Now that the jars are nice and pretty, I can do even more with them than stick flowers in them. For example:

  1. Drill a hole in the lid and use it for soap
  2. Drill two or three holes in it to put your toothbrushes in
  3. Cut a smooth line through it for tissues

Now if painting these jars isn’t your thing, there are two other ways to keep the jars out of the landfill:

  1. Use it to store other leftovers or grease, or even cooler than that- put the parmesan cheese lid on it and fill the jar with more parm, powdered sugar, spices, or whatever needs some sprinkling.
  2. Just recycle it! Recycling can be effortless if you just take the first step. Look up recycling centers or transfer stations in your area to find out the appropriate steps.


Happy recycling and repurposing!


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