Unconventional DIY Light Fixtures

Unconventional, but super cute, DIY light fixtures.


This post was born out of a desperate situation. My dining room table light shade fell off one day and was a soup sandwich. I tried to put it back on, but honestly, it wasn’t even put in right to begin with it so I didn’t mess with it. Instead, I made my own out of a metal crate:


This led me to think of all the ways you could make your own light fixture. Here are some of my ideas:


Stick a crate around a bulb and attach it with color-corresponding wire or chain.  This one (that I found on Pinterest!!!) uses a pulley. How cool is that?

crate light


Kind of like the crate, but reverse. Cut a hole in the bottom of the basket and run your bulb and wire through it from the bottom. Make sure the bulb doesn’t give off heat!! We don’t need to have a bonfire at supper.

The first time I saw this was on HGTV’s Home Town. These I found on Pinterest from Houzz:


Bed Spring

Same concept as the basket: run the wire through the smaller part of the spring and attach the bulb through the big part. I saw this at a store at the Stockyards in Fort Worth and lost my mind. I plan on making one sometime this year! I loved these I saw on Pinterest:


Any other ideas?


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