Blanco Lavender Festival

I love lavender. I love artisans. I love farmers. Thank goodness I live in Texas, because we’ve got our own festival to celebrate all of these things, in small Blanco, TX.

blanco lavender festival

Blanco, Texas is a little town in Blanco County, home to around 2,000 people. In June every year, tons more people flock to this adorable city to celebrate lavender.

It’s amazing.

It takes place in downtown, and there are booths galore selling every lavender product imaginable: soap, bath bombs, deodorant, sachets, fresh lavender, dried lavender, roll-ons, culinary lavender, lavender salt, lavender sugar, candles, wax melts, flower and herb crowns, and so much more.


They even have this drink called a Lavender Lizzie, which is equal parts champagne and lavender margarita mix. If that’s not your thing, there is lavender lemonade with fruit, and of course, just plain water, beer, and soft drinks.


Besides the lavender stuff, there are vendors selling all kinds of other handmade items: glassware, paintings, clothes, knives, woodwork, pottery… it’s endless.

During the summer, especially during the festival, the local lavender farms are open for people to come in, look at the lavender, learn how it’s grown, etc. I thought this was fantastic.


I absolutely love this little event in this little town. It’s so unique, so aromatic and flavorful, and so much fun. I definitely recommend checking it out this summer!

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