Removing Heat Transfer Vinyl

A tested technique to remove vinyl from fabric.


One thing I love doing is designing and making throw pillows. I think they are the perfect way to express who you are, while also serving a purpose. Well… some pillows, which I thought were cute, never sold at any of my markets, and at this point, they were just taking up space. I didn’t want to throw them away, of course, so I set about learning how to strip them of their designs and start over with a blank canvas.

Removing Heat Transfer Vinyl




Here are the pillows as I originally made them. They are highway signs of local major highways.


All you need are an iron and wax paper:



Once the iron is hot, begin by putting the waxy side of the paper down over the vinyl.



Press down and after a couple of seconds, remove the wax paper. The vinyl should come off onto the wax paper, but if it doesn’t, you can usually just grab it and pull it off with your fingers.


Be careful to not leave the iron on too long, because it can just melt that vinyl down and leave it on there even stronger than before, leaving you with a splotchy mess.




It’s a super simple process. It works on pieces that were made months ago as well as just a few seconds ago.



Hope this helps!



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