Five Ways to Up-Cycle T-Shirts

We all have too many t-shirts. Here’s what to do with yours (besides donating, which is always a great option if the shirts are in good condition).

I tend to somehow end up with a ton of t-shirts every time I go through my closet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for everything I have, but sometimes I have just too much or stuff that isn’t in the best condition any more.

I came up with five ways to repurpose these old shirts, a couple of which I’ve managed to pull of myself.


Yes! Turn your old t-shirts into a rug. There are several patterns you can follow. If you crochet, follow this pattern to create your rug. Another great pattern for the non-crocheters is this one here.

My mom had done this years ago, and I wish I had a picture. I’ll settle for this lovely one by Handmade and Craft:


Table Runner

I got this idea after a trip to Warrenton (insert link) last year. I kept seeing beautiful runners with all this ribbon and lace fringe. I can’t find anything like it online (I may not be looking hard enough). It was so unique and beautiful and boho. I loved it so much I decided to make my own, but instead of using fabric and ribbon, I tore up a t-shirt (it was a messed-up one from a bachelorette party). Here’s the final product:


Instead of curtains, or if you just want a unique wall hanging, make a swag. Most of the time I see these made out of scrap fabric and ribbon, but t-shirts could work just as well! I love this one by Tomato Boots:



This one is more advanced. If you know how to sew and quilt, you’re good to go. If not, you can take it to almost any quilt shop, and they’ll make a t-shirt quilt for you. Basically, your shirts (especially high school shirts) become the focus of the design. These memory quilts are perfect ways to hang on to those sentimental shirts while making space in your closet. Here’s a beautiful example from Over The Top Quilting Studio:



If you don’t have enough for a quilt, a pillow is just as perfect! This amazing work by Apartment Therapy nails it:


Any other ideas for old shirts? Have you done anything with your old ones? Let me know!

❤ Hannah

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