Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Don’t be mad at me for jumping the gun. I’m not pushing Christmas in the real world, but since I usually set aside December for family time (and not work tim), I want to get this out now: unconventional gift wrapping ideas to set your gifts apart.


I love Christmas. I love it. Yeah, this post works for any present, but I’ve got Christmas on my mind right now.

Giving gifts is such an important part of the Christmas season (link to my post about christmas meanings), and it needs to be treated as such, in my opinion. So let’s get to some different ways of wrapping.



This is so cheap, especially if you’re one of those (or has family or friends, i.e. grandparents) that subscribes or buys your local newspaper. It’s economical, unique, adorable, and perfect for the old-school bibliophile you love. Here’s this one from Refinery29:


Fabric or Canvas

To the dogs with your pretty paper and ribbons of blue. This year, wrap your gifts in fabric and ribbon. It significantly reduces Christmas Day trash, is unique, super cute, and fun. Here are some examples from A Pair and A Spare:


Splatter Paint:

This is more conventional. Wrap it in paper (plain white or brown or what have you) and take a paint brush and flick some paint splatters on it. It’s whimsical and simple. Here it was done by A Burst of Beautiful:


Tie it up in Twine or Straw:

This is 100% normal, but the meaning you put behind it might not be. Use twine or the stringy straw twine to represent hay, which in turn represents the manger where Jesus was born. Here’s a beautifully wrapped gift by @shopterrain on Instagram:


Merry Christmas, y’all!! ❤


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