My Last Day at UT-Austin: Trashed Board to Outdoor Addition



Since 2016, I attended the University of Texas at Austin. In 2019, I graduated with honors with my Bachelor of Science in Advertising, concentration in Media and Analytics, with a minor in Slavic language. A large part of this project is due to the tools and motivation I received from the University.

On my last day of classes, I was walking from Manor Garage on Robert Dedman to my Czech IV class at Burdine on Dean Keeton. My route takes me down 23rd Street between Darrel K. Royal Memorial Stadium and Bass Concert Hall. This day was a little different because I found this ugly ass piece of wood. It was big and bright blue, all chipped up– the perfect size for a sign and the perfect timing for a project.

So during my unemployment, I dressed her up. Scraped off that blue, put on some white chalk paint instead, and stenciled on some gray/brown lettering. I went with the word “yeehaw” because so much of my time in Austin has been in the context of me being from a small town and bringing the yeehaw back to the big city. It’s more of a Kacey Musgraves yeehaw, though…


And honestly, I am so incredibly proud of my work! The sign turned out beautifully, and now, I will always have a piece of the great University of Texas Austin in my yard. #hookem


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