About the Owner

Hi y’all, my name is Hannah, and I own Wildflowers & Charolais, through which I design and sell rustic, boho, shabby-chic home decor. Right now dream catchers are the obsession.


I started this thing about a year ago, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m such a craft-a-holic, and this is the perfect way for me to embrace my creativity, let my imagination run wild, and get my hands busy. I’ve always loved making things. I scrapbook, knit, quilt, restore furniture here and there, and do whatever wild project comes to mind, whether that be making my own macrame curtains or making goats milk soap. I just like to create things and make things my own. 

Besides that, I love getting outside to hike or kayak, going to concerts and music festivals, reading, traveling, and antiquing.

About the Business

Almost everything I create is made using reclaimed materials I find around my home state of Texas: barn wood, barbed wire, railroad ties, sticks, bone, freshly picked cotton, torn down fence, old football stadium bleachers, rasps, horse shoes, etc.

If I can’t make something out of this junk, I sell it to other craftsmen and women. I believe that reusing and up-cycling the things we already have is important because a) it’s better for our world and b) it gives your piece more character.

Everything has a story, you know? Tell it.

I also believe everyone has a little creativity in them, which is why I offer leftover reclaimed materials, scraps of junk, and antiques, as well as design and sell digital cut files.

At Wildflowers & Charolais, there’s something for every free spirit.

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Behind the name “Wildflowers & Charolais”

I struggled for a long time to come up with a name that truly reflected me, my style, and my message. After months (almost a year, actually) of thought, I settled on Wildflowers & Charolais. Wildflowers grow all over Texas, and they are beautiful, wild, uncultivated, and grow where they’re planted, much like the woman I want to be, and the kind of woman (or man, I guess) that’s reflected in our designs. Charolais are a white breed of cattle. They are strong, powerful, and will give you their horns if you mess with them, again, just like those that I want to represent in our designs. They are sort of an opposite to the essence of a wildflower. Charolais are the strength and power to the beauty and free-spirited-ness of the flowers. Yet, they go together so well. Imagine bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes blanketing a verdant pasture where cattle graze. The freedom, the beauty, the strength of that scene is what I want to represent and what I want people to feel.

A quick thanks…

I don’t do any of this by myself. My name may be the one on the sales tax permit, but my mom and dad do a great deal for me. My dad helps me make some of my things (things that require melting and bending metal, for instance), and he taught me how to be a badass with power tools. My mom is her own creative free spirit. She has wonderful ideas and artistic projects of her own that she likes to create and put out there, in addition to give me creative inspiration. Both of them have helped me get from market to market, shared my Facebook posts, and told me things I didn’t want to hear but ultimately made me and my business better. So thank you to both of you. Love you so much! ❤