White (almost) Christmas in Texas

On December 7-8, inches of snow blanketed almost the entire state of Texas- something that almost never happens!


I am currently west of Austin, but I have grown up along the coast, where snow is even less likely to happen. I’ve seen snow twice: once in 2004 when we had almost a foot and again in 2010 (maybe 2009?) when we maybe had an inch, if not less.

I knew there was a slight chance of wintery mix  in my area, but that it would mostly be concentrated in West Texas, kind of along the border, and perhaps into the Hill Country. As I was on my way home on Thursday afternoon, it began: sleet. Little bits of ice and rain were falling. Then from little ice pellets we had snow!! At first it wasn’t sticking, but as the sun began to set, it came down in full force, sticking to the ground, to my hair, my clothes, our vehicles, everything.


Unfortunately, I had to drive into downtown Austin during all of this snowfall. It was both a blessing and a curse. Driving in Austin is terrible enough, but add some ice to the mix and you better say your prayers.

The blessing, though, was coming back out of my test building (yes, I had to take a test last night) and seeing accumulation. Plants were all covered in little white crystals and flurries danced in the air. It was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

The best part came when I got home. The grass was covered in a white blanket. All my furniture was covered in an inch of white frozen powder.

My inner child came out. I danced in the snow like a wild thing! I made a snow angel, and my boyfriend and I had a snowball fight in the dark. Needless to say, it was the perfect night for some chicken and dumplings, hot chocolate, steamy showers, and fuzzy socks!


Much to my inner child’s enthusiasm, the temperatures stayed cold enough all through the night and well into the morning that the snow stuck around. The sunrise on the frosted flowers took my breath away. Paired with some hot coffee, it was a perfect morning.


It’s days like this that mean everything. When these little “miracles” happen, it fills my heart with happiness. Everyone is sending pictures, smiling, laughing, telling their stories, sharing and reliving memories, praying for one another’s safety, loving one another, and thanking God for such beauty and glory, all at the most holy time of the year.

I know I took the time to celebrate. My boyfriend and I played in the snow like children and built a gingerbread house. Today also happens to be the day that we celebrate the Immaculate Conception… such a Christmas-y (Advent-y) Holiday on such a festive looking day.

Merry Christmas, y’all and stay warm!


~Hannah ❤