What This Is & What’s to Come

Hi! If you read my welcome on the right, you’ll know that my name is Hannah, and I have a very, very, very small home decor business in Texas, where I repurpose things I find, like barn wood, and turn them into beautiful pieces that all tell a story.

Making With Texas is an extension of this thing I’m building. It is one place for me to share how I make things with crafters around the country, to give my tidbits of business advice to creative entrepreneurs (ugh, the jargon), talk about my business and how we’re doing, as well as shed some light on who am as a human, all while tying it back to this culture of creativity, resourcefulness, humility, and just good ol’-fashioned Texas stuff. As a former student of journalism, writing is in my nature, and I started to miss it. Then it dawned on me that this blog would be a perfect way to satisfy that want to write and to expand my business.

Right now, things are just getting started. My business is still a baby. Hell, it’s basically still in the womb, but it is surely growing. This fall, we will be going to markets and events to get some sales going as well as work out all the kinks. Hurricane Harvey has put a bit of a kink in a couple things, but also gave me the inspiration to start this up (when your power is out, you are sometimes left with nothing to do but think).

Like my business, this blog is young, but I wanted it to be in existence. Knowing it’s up and running gives me that push to make sure I have plenty of kick-ass content (as kick-ass as knitting, hot glue, and rusty tin can be).

I will officially be up and running November 26, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, at 8:00 p.m. From then on out, there will be posts once a week on Sundays at 8, just like the launch date.

So mark your calendars, y’all, and God bless!

~Hannah ❤


Coming Soon!