Mug Flip


I’m SUCH a coffee drinker. Every morning I have at least my one cup and down a couple more by the end of the day. Come nighttime, I sometimes like to have a cup of tea or hot chocolate with Bailey’s (like I am right now as I type this up).

I find that coffee mugs, as well as things like wine glasses, flasks, phone cases, and canvas bags, are subtle but bold ways to express who we are. Quotes, designs, symbols, patterns– they all allow us to insert our personality into the world without being overwhelming (unless that’s what you want to do then please do so).

For me it’s my mugs. I happened to have a couple though that were just… outdated. They didn’t vibe with me anymore, but I didn’t exactly want to chunk them.

So I painted over them instead.

I then used my Cricut to cut out a couple of designs on contact paper. I wrote out “running on caffeine and cortisol” (which is something I said in distress at a meeting last year and got a lot of laughs.. thought I’d immortalize my humor) in my Cricut software, but the “H” is my own sketch.

new doc 2020-02-08 10.40.06_1

I painted the color of the lettering first and then painted the background color over the stencil. It was much easier than trying to cut the stencil and use the outline of it.

It’s actually quite simple. Voila! I now have “new” mugs.