Steak Hooks

How to make steak flippers (or hooks, but I think “flippers” is more fun to say). If you don’t know what those are, keep reading!


This is one of my favorite things that we sell. I had nothing to do with it, either; it was all my dad! Steak flippers or turners are a tool used for flipping steak, as the name suggests. It’s just a long stick with a hook at the end- perfect for Labor Day down the road!

Steak Hooks

This is how my dad made it.

To make the flipper, he used a deer shed and- get this- an old hay rake. I think that’s awesome!

First thing he did was cleaned the rust off the rake. He did this by soaking it in vinegar and buffing off the excess, shining it up. Then he took it to his forge (he makes knives) to heat it up and bent it so that the hook would more sideways. While that cooled, he moved on to drill a hole in the base of the small deer shed to fit the rake into. He also drilled a hole in the pointy end of the shed to tie leather through, so that it could be hung when stored. Once that was done, he put the two together, twisting and whatnot so that they securely fit together.


And that’s it! Easy peasy, but not too speedy to put together (that attempt at rhyming is just disgusting).


Happy grilling, y’all!


~Hannah ❤

A Little Note on the Deer Sheds

This post is going further in-depth about deer antler sheds: what they are and how to find them.


Last week, I wrote a piece on how I make jewelry holders made with deer antlers. I said to not freak out because no deer were harmed while getting the sheds, but many of you probably know that since they are sheds, meaning the deer naturally shed these antlers off. Still, I felt like it was necessary to post a short informative piece on what they are, why the exist, and how I get them.


Deer sheds are the antlers that a buck naturally shed during the early part of the year. It’s like losing your baby teeth; they fall out in one piece and a new set grows in. With antlers though, it happens every year. They lose last year’s antlers and grow in a new set.


These sheds, obviously, are just left out there. I mean it’s not like deer have an antler fairy that leaves them money under some bushes. They are just out and about and left for us to find. They come in all sizes and shapes, which opens so many creative doors.


To find them, you just have to look. We have found that buying them from someone who has done the treasure hunting to be much easier than walking around and looking ourselves. That isn’t to say we won’t or don’t, but for all intents and purposes, it’s better.


Hopefully this article was useful. I’m not an expert on this kind of thing, but I know that what we use in our jewelry holders, wreaths, and other pieces was not sawed off a deer or something. We just pick up after the deer. We are the antler fairies, but we don’t leave them anything.


If this article was a waste on you, I apologize! Next week’s content will definitely be a lot less concentrated. Thank you for reading anyway!


Until next time…


~Hannah ❤

And so it begins…


Making with Texas

Hi! Welcome to my first real post.  A few months ago, I wrote a little something to sort of explain why this site existed. It probably wasn’t necessary since no one had a reason to come to but nonetheless, I did it to make things look normal, if not just to legitimize whatever it was that I was doing.

As I said in that first post, my name is Hannah, and I have a business with my parents, Kevin and Christy, in which we sell hand-crafted home decor that is made with materials we go out and find, like barn wood, or is inspired by Texas-y things.


On this website, people can find what markets or events we’ll be at next and can contact us for any reason, and it’s a blog where I can talk about what we make and all things that go on “behind the scenes.” 


First of all, why “Making With Texas”?

Because I needed to call it something.

Just kidding.

Of course I needed to name it, but I wanted it to matter. It’s like a tattoo, in that way.

I decided on “Making With Texas” because that’s essentially what we do: make crafty home decor and other such things with things that we find out and about where we all live. The pieces are literally made with part of this state.

Almost every week, there will be a little something written about the things we’ve made, things we do, places we go or anything else that has to do with crafts or making things, such as organizing your crafts and schedules, for example. Hopefully it’s fun for us and for you, the customers and readers.

Thank you all for jumping on this wagon!


Happy belated Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

~Hannah ❤

Bear with me…

So, as the last post said, the blog is in the works. Well, this post is part of it. I’m linking up to Bloglovin (a great site to get all the blogs and content you want in one place), and I have to do this real quick:


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Thank y’all for understanding!