Hello– the Wildflowers have not shriveled.

It’s been months– literal MONTHS– since I have written on here, posted on Facebook or Instagram, or been to a market. Studying abroad, starting my last semester at school, landing a badass internship, mentally healing from the Game of Thrones finale have put a halt on the “admin” of Wildflowers & Charolais.


So, to address the crippling worries I know everyone is experiencing, I wanted to just say, “Hey, I’m here, I have not forgotten about my baby, and I’m getting read to dive back into what I love.”



I really did do some soul-searching. Everything with the business side of things was stressing me the f*** out.


So here’s to 2020!



I had to remind myself at all why I’m here in the first place. :

Wildflowers & Charolais.png

In the meantime, I’m brainstorming and/or just trying to make the backlog of ideas happen. 



Very much excited about next year!