Home Decor

Made with reclaimed materials found in and around Jackson County, Texas, and is by no means an exhaustive gallery!

Small Signs

These two signs below are made out of an old, old door that completely fell apart. I got it in Waco, Texas from my favorite junk shop in the world– the Junky Monkey

flower child



You see so many beautiful sketches and paintings of skulls full of color and flowers, so I thought, why not make it 3-D? The result is the best thing I’ve ever made. 

Wall Hangings: Macrame & Dream Catchers

Most are made with fifty-something year-old barbed wire from my Grandpa’s ranch in Edna, TX. Other reclaimed elements include deer antlers, cotton (when I can get it!), and neglected rope.

Porch Signs

For these signs, I always like to use wood we find out and about: my fifth grade teacher’s fence that blew over in Harvey, the wood from the old football stadium, torn down house or barn, etc.


Jewelry Holders

Some of these use mesquite cut in the eighties in Edna, some use a different wood. The antlers are all from somewhere in Texas, as well. I use mine standing like this, but some people that have bought them prefer to nail them up and hang their jewelry that way. Some people have told us they don’t use them for jewelry at all but for towels or scarves.

Wine Racks

Our wine racks are made with repurposed wood and horseshoes. They’re just the right size: not too big that it won’t fit on the wall, but not too small that it can’t serve any purpose. It can hold two bottles of wine (meanwhile you can have 2-3 opened in the fridge!) or can be used for towels, coats, scarves, or anything else in need of hanging.

Throw Pillows

All pillows are sewn with love, originally designed, and sewn shut by hand with needle and thread.



These boards below were made from Ganado, TX’s stadium that was demolished in May of 2018 after serving the town’s high school sports program for decades. I made these momentos as a way to keep history alive for all of us who played on the field, ran on the track, or sat in the bleachers.